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back to warsaw in jan<3
currently sports anime blog.

nobody loves the light like the blind man


pam beesly and jim halpert + longing looks


im a sucker for the “makichan goes to england to study so they have a long distance relationship/reunion after years” trope……


no one understands the true genius


modern les amis au where enjolras insists that spreading awareness through the internet is important and then grantaire makes this video to represent a major population in france


let’s not forget that midorima canonically spends a lot of money on takao like


Patrycja astonishes me with her eloquence


Morgause’s puppet

I saw this post on tumblr about no one telling us that it’s not possible to always have a dream fulfilling job that sometimes job is just a job to have money to survive so I took ginsbergs ‘howl’ which is one of the most “we oppose society we are burnt out dreamers we fight to be true to ourselves teven if we end up locked up and junkies and in jails’ to me, and which is the exact opposite of our society, with people slaving away in corporations, but, not that any of these two is better than the other. So the first picture is me rewriting howl and it says this:

the fourth one is a plane i did from the bits of my ryanair ticket to france, and last one is my step brother watching cartoons.


perfect angel

191.8cm of kitten


oh gosh okay so i was tagged by dorkybarnes to post 6 selfies that i look cute in (let’s say)

thank you and im also sorry

okAY i’d like to tag now twinkmastertoudou , thedeathsicle (i know you won’t do it) aaaand rosemecanique 

Yeah. The fourth one is not exactly a selfie but I’m taking a selfie so it counts ok . Six selfie meme from this year tagged by gabrielebert! I’m tagging maria-tries & oldmenyaoi idk


soooo steppingoncellphones tagged me in the six selfies from this year thing ahh

so here have…. six selfies..uh

i’m tagging queenallisonargenttwinkmastertoudou ehehehe

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