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nobody loves the light like the blind man



YEah tadokoro wears socks with sandals good night


very hot and sensual iwaoi for oldmenyaoi /in case you cant see bc my drawing skillz r awesome but they are holding hands such yaoi/




i cant believe makishima yuusuke and toudou jinpachi were caught making out in the locker rooms

John Waters’ Cry-Baby (1990)


there is not enough power bottom toudou in toumaki and this hurts me

(Not) Sharing is Caring [MuraHimu]


i saw a “reached for the last snack item at the same time au" somewhere and it all went downhill from there

Himuro’s eyes lit up when he finally noticed the Cream Stew flavored Maiu-bo – it was the last one too! He reached for the snack, only to close his palm on someone else’s hand. Startled, he moved his hand slightly to the side, but his instinct stopped him from letting go of the pack entirely. Slowly, he lifted his head to look at the other person and his eyes widened in mild shock – the guy was huge. Now, Tatsuya was tall but the boy next to him was a giant and he couldn’t help but feel intimidated just from that. Still, he tilted his head to the side and smiled.

“Do you mind?” he said. “They’re my friend’s favorite.”

The guy scoffed, narrowing his eyes at Himuro. “So? They’re my favorite. Let go.”

Tatsuya felt his brow twitch. Childish logic, unpleasantly commanding tone of voice and overall hostility told him more than he needed to know about that boy – there was no peaceful way to resolve the problem. This was war.

“Why don’t you let go? We reached for it at the same time.”

“I’m holding the most of it,” replied the boy, turning around to face Himuro, never letting go of the snack. “It’s obviously mine.”

“Well, your hand is bigger, it’s unfair.”

“Unfair?” drawled the guy. “Sweets are justice.”

Tatsuya blinked before letting a soft, amused chuckle escape him. “That doesn’t even make sense.”

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Sleeping Beauty [TouMaki]


this was supposed to be crack i don’t know what happened


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, lived a prince so vain, he was infamous in the entire kingdom, and some of the neighboring ones. His parents were so embarrassed by him that they decided that their eldest daughter was to be the heir to the crown, which was pretty progressive for those times. Prince Toudou, however, did not despair much, considering that being relieved of the position of the king offered him more time to admire himself. It was, after all, his favorite pastime, especially shortly after purchasing a new headband, which was, according to him, the most fashionable accessory, fitting of a prince.

One sorrowful day, in his vanity, the prince offended a very powerful fairy, calling her old and ugly. The fairy, vengeful and proud by nature, decided to curse the prince with a dreadful spell of everlasting sleep. Prince Toudou were to remain in a death-like sleep until the kiss of true love would awaken him. Unbeknown to the fairy, the curse failed – the prince’s vanity was so great that it nullified the spell, granting him eternal youth and beauty. It merely immobilized him, confining him to the – very comfortable, in all fairness – bed, but Toudou remained lucid. Seeing as he used to get plenty of beauty sleep before, he did not mind his predicament. He also never experienced boredom in between the long moments of deep sleep, for he had an infinite capacity to admire the memory of himself.

Thus, the prince patiently waited for the true love’s kiss – one hundred years, two hundred, five hundred.

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Favourite Characters - Rei Ryugazaki (Free!)


some 69 mins


Latina power!

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