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nobody loves the light like the blind man



totallysharpeyed asked for fem!asanoya + “told you it was a bad idea” c: noya is wiping herself bc she got all the bepsi spillt on her + some of the bbq sauce landed on her head as well

"are... are you cooking?" for kagakuro ;u; if you're not too busy


kkurokos I am never too busy. I literally have nothing better to do with my life. 

Taiga couldn’t really do anything but gape when he got back home to find Kuroko in the kitchen, his apron, hands, cheeks, and even hair, covered in unidentified substances. The kitchen itself seemed more or less intact, which would suggest that Kuroko was systematically wiping his culinary failures on himself.

“Are… are you cooking?” he stammered, stifling a laugh.

Kuroko puffed out his cheeks, frowning. “Kagami-kun was taking too long. I was hungry.”

Kagami grinned and leaned in to kiss the pout of Kuroko’s face, tasting a bit salty sauce. Kuroko sighed deeply and seemed to relax. Taiga shook his head – he never understood why Kuroko insisted on trying his hand at cooking when it clearly stressed him so much.

“Need help?”

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Iwaizumi, often called Iwa-chan by Oikawa, is the latter’s childhood friend as well as the vice-captain of his current team. They are shown to be close, Iwaizumi being the one person who keeps Oikawa in line within the team. He often resorts to violence with Oikawa but does care a lot for him, stopping him from working too hard. 


every class is art class if you dont care enough


Yellow Carnation


this would probably hurt sousuke’s shoulder pretty badly, i’m so sorry baby

I saw this post and had to draw something for it… i went a bit overboard tho


OH MY GOD these two will be the death of me. 


@buttwade requestes aosaku + “i hope you know what you’re doing”. 

because sakurai is terrified of nigou just as the next guy ok

“Does that hurt? It looks like it hurts.” --Aosaku


but what if

Aomine Daiki never cared much about things other than basketball and his best friend, Satsuki. But, as easily he lost interest in certain things, he was still a curious child. Thus, when he saw a scrawny little boy with eyes big as basketballs trying to take his kite off a tree, Daiki stopped and watched. 

The boy was constantly mumbling something, either to the tree, or to the kite, as he kept jumping uselessly, flailing his skinny arms. Eventually, as he was landing, his leg slipped and he landed on his back with a soft thud that made Daiki wince even before he heard the kid burst into tears. 

He walked over as the boy sniffled, rubbing his red elbows. Daiki had no idea why he approached the boy, quicly realizing he didn’t know what to say. If it were Satsu, he’d tell her to stop being a big, ugly crybaby, but this boy seemed different.

"Does that hurt? It looks like it hurts."

It sounded weird to Daiki’s ears, but the boy only nodded in slight shock, apologizing softly.

"Do you want me to get your kite?"

The boy nodded again, and watched in awe as Daiki climbed the tree and delivered the toy unscathed. He grinned widely in relief as the kite was back in his hands, and before Daiki could protest, he threw his small arms around Daiki’s neck and hugged him, just like Satsuki always did.

Daiki must have made some weird noise, because the boy jumped off him like he was burned and stepped away, bowing.

"I’m sorry!" he squeaked, and ran off, leaving Daiki confused and a little bit dazed. 


i like to think that before kuroko got the ‘im a shadow shadows cant exist without their light’ metaphor he thought of others

  • im the sandwich spread and ur the bread please lend me ur strength
  • im the maple syrup and ur the pancake we’ll be number one in japan
  • ur a shoelace and im the little plastic bit you see at the end of shoelaces i’ll push u to the top


my irl friends r my problematic faves

I don't want to have a baby ... Kagehi


Yachi generally considered herself a good friend - she always tried to be supportive, but within reason.

For example, she wouldn’t turn Hinata down when he was fighting with Kageyama, but as soon as their fight began bordering on ridiculous, she would not rest until they have made up.

Reason was the key, when your best friend was Hinata Shouyou, and his boyfriend was Kageyama Tobio.

However, it was difficult to listen to its voice when Yachi’s brain was forcibly melted into a useless mass of “what the hell?!”

Because Yachi was a good, supportive friend, she asked Hinata at some point, whether he and Kageyama had already kissed. 

"No, I don’t want to have baby!" replied Hinata, horrified.

Yachi blinked slowly, carefully choosing her words. “Um… and… did you… ah… does Kageyama-kun know… er, isn’t Kageyama-kun mad that it’s… uh, your reason?”

"What?" laughed Hinata, patting her back. "Of course not! He agreed."

“Are you kidding me? We are not ‘fine’!”; Aosaku


Aomine and Sakurai’s first date was, first of all, very memorable. Not because it was everything they could hope for, and more - with a romantic candle-lit dinner and walking on the moonlit beach. No, it was memorable because everything that could have gone wrong, did.

Aomine had never had any qualms about voicing his opinions, especially when he was annoyed. Despite Sakurai’s futile attempts to calm him down, his rowdy behavior soon caught the attention of one of the waiters.

"Ah, I’m sorry to bother you!" yelped Sakurai. "We’re fine!"

Aomine gaped at him in disbelief. “Are you kidding me?! We are not fine! We’ve been sanding here for twenty minutes waiting for a table and no one even bothered to come and tell us to get lost!”

The waiter shrugged. “Well then, get lost.”

Aomine punched the guy and they got thrown out on the street, as simple as that. They ended up in the nearest Majibu, eating mediocre fries and sipping on a too-sweet milkshakes. In Aomine’s opinion, the date simply couldn’t have gone any worse, but Sakurai was smiling for some reason.

"What’s your damage?" muttered Aomine, stuffing his face with fries. 

"Ah, I’m sorry! I know it’s not exactly ideal but… Aomine san punched someone for my sake so I’m happy! I’m sorry!"

Sakurai hid his burning face in his hands and laid his head on the table. Aomine was grateful for that, because he couldn’t see the fries falling out of his gaping mouth as his face got even more red than the seats in the diner.



fuck i hate when children cry like why cant you just internalize your emotions like the rest of us

calm down, john winchester

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